High-rise and townhome residences in River Oaks.

Kelly currently represents a buyer looking to return to her Houston roots after over two decades of living out-of-state. Kelly is researching options and presenting to her client, who will travel to Houston for property tours. Her client is relishing the process of experiencing the new, elevated style of Houston combined with the familiar, colloquial features that locals hold dear.

Services Provided

Buyer Representation

Ferguson’s private-client approach provides thorough, cultivated service for clients looking to acquire a residence in the Houston area, whether a home or condominium in the cosmopolitan center or a serene estate in the city’s periphery.

Kelly is conducting thorough analyses based on data, market knowledge, and discernment of her client’s priorities. Kelly’s objective is to secure her client’s dream city-home at the best possible price, while also ensuring that her client’s travel days to Houston are an enjoyable phase of the process of returning to her home city.

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